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More Than Just An Event - It's a Citizens'Movement


India's first and only annual conference to empower women & men by encouraging a holistic approach towards a fulfilling work & family life. It is also the only event that focuses on bridging the ever widening chasm between the old patriarchal system that keeps gender inequality thriving, by including sessions for men and women to work together.



Fed Up With Just Talk 

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Tribe might sound clique, but The Summit is a labour of love by ordinary citizens who are fed up of waiting for the government and corporations to create opportunities for growth and safety for women in India. We started out as a network of friends to try make a difference and we passionately believe in the power of community and the importance of civic responsibilty. We are committed to creating our own empowerment, security and fun.


If this sounds like you, welcome to our tribe!

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Over 60 Trailblazers have shared their expertise

Moving beyond static discussions… How do you really  change?

How does one truly learn? By reading, listening or doing? While we have an illustrious panel of speakers with some of the most amazing career graphs at The Summit, our aim is to create for you, experiential workshops and interactive performances for a one of a kind, on the spot, life changing experience. From performances of ‘The Vagina Monologues’ by Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal and her team, to workshops on creating more intimacy, to learning how to sensibly defend yourself. We aim to facilitate a more conscious connection with the self and help participants take home tools and techniques they can apply immediately to create a life and career you’ll love.

What does a day at The Summit look like?

From interactions with some of the most amazing speakers to workshops and performances, every moment is power-packed. As a collective of professional women & men who are pioneers in theatre, special education, publishing, advertising, wellness, law & activism, the experiences and anecdotes being shared flow from myriad narratives. Starting from a talk on defeating rape culture, to mind-sets that define contemporary beauty, to knowing your constitutional rights, to money management, to conscious parenting, to an impromptu workshop on intimacy, every session is an eye opener to new possibilities.

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Our Motto- Invest in Yourself

There are very few things in life that one can guarantee; people, positions & places are constantly changing. There is only one person you can truly count on to never abandon you, and that is YOU!  Our aim is to inspire you to make the best investment you will ever make – to become your own champion!  Every aspect of what we do at The Summit is aligned with this greater goal. Whether it is investing in new skills, in your health or  in your financial security, our hope for you is to  thrive and live your most authentic life.

Why should I participate?

The Summit is a platform for all alike. Don’t let the ‘Women’ in our name fool you! We are a gender neutral summit that believes in equal participation and we have consciously created sessions like Re-defining Masculinity & Consent Culture to include our fabulous men in the conversation. Candlelight vigils while moving, are topical & do not create lasting change. If your goal is self-actualization and sense of purpose, you are a ‘doer’ this is where you find your place.

How can I participate?

Over the last two years we have had a strong and committed following, so as a thank you to those tribe members who have been with us from the start, we have closed registrations and opted for a ‘By Invite only’ list this year. As seats are limited, most of our quota has already been filled. If you’d like to attend this time, write in to us about why you’d like to be involved via the 'Contact Us' section below and we will do our best to make room for  you.

WOI S Club

If you’d like to have an ongoing relationship with us, we’re launching the WOIS Club which will give members exclusive access to videos, interviews, and special seminars every month. If you’d like to register, please write to us via the ‘Contact Us’ section below.

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Please feel free to use the below form to get in touch with us about any queries you may have - from getting an invite to our conference this year, to info on the WOIS Club, and even if you'd just like to lend a helping hand!

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