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               Women Of India Summit Club





  • Would you like to explore the summit topics like Safety, Security, Money Management, Body Image, Relationships, Masculinity, Conscious Parenting in more depth and detail?


  • Do you want to wake up knowing you are living the best life possible for you?


  • Are you committed to fulfilling your potential?


  • Are you that person who believes that YOU can create your own happiness ?


  • Are you looking for wisdom, guidance and tools to help you succeed at work and in your relationships?


  • Are you looking for tools to create a holistic balance in your day to day life?


  • Are you looking for a community of conscious like minded men and women to engage and grow with?


Then the Women Of India Club (WOI) is the place for you.



The WOI Club is an exclusive club offering access to information, tools, and experts for those, who like us, want to benefit from more than just a once a year event.


WOIS club members will not just get private links to videos, in depth interviews, book and resource recommendations and access to special seminars every month.


Members can also request support and workshops crafted to address personal challenges and specific problem areas.


 We are lining up not just experts and leaders in India but a host of international pioneers to offer you an experience that can not be found anywhere else.


There will be opportunities to interact online and on the ground with like minded conscientious people; creating a safe & peaceful space to share and grow together.

 Membership opens on the 8th of March 2018.


Cant wait till March 2018 and join the waitlist?

 Please write to us via the ‘Contact Us’ section.

Membership opens March 8th 2018

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