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Success Stories

Mandeep Kaur

3rd October was my birthday and I planned this summit as a birthday gift for myself. I am no where exaggerating when I say that its one of the best birthday gifts I have given to myself. The discussions were stupendous for the reason that it was like Victoria's secrets coming out and all the beans spilling at their own. I heard Dr Vatsala saying that even our best of friends shirk to talk about this with us. Congratulations dear ladies Divya Chandra & Mudita Chandra. Your efforts came out with flying colours and my deep gratitude towards all whom I got a chance to listen to and meet as well. Looking forward for future series of the Summit bringing many more narratives to the table and letting cats out of the bag one by one. Oh yes!We all can surely do it together. Cheers;)

Karan Khosla

Mudita, I'm so glad I could be there yesterday; you guys did an amazing job putting this together

Priyanka Nagpal

I think it was such a great initiative! SO proud of you both!

Palka Gupta

CPA, United States

The Women of India Leadership Summit was a unique platform for women in India to open up, explore new ideas, know their rights and be themselves (finally). With me were 8 village girls from Western UP, who literally experienced a deep transformation at the Summit. My personal favorite sessions were the Vagina Monologues, Defend Yourself and Your Money/Prosperity/Life. The spontaneous addition of the Qawwali performance was the icing on the cake! Thank you Divya, Mudita and team for a well organized event and initiating much needed societal reform for women in India.

Pritha Mani

It was an incredible experiential learning. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hats off to you and Divya Chandra!

Swati Taneja

IIR Middle East Conference and Training Production Director


My name is Swati and I live in Dubai for over ten years. I happened to come across your event and website. I must start with a note of appreciation to say what a theme you have chosen for an event. Why I say this is because I'm a conference and events production director with the world's largest events company, and even though I have worked very closely with some of the renowned speakers and experts, your initiative has personally touched me. I'm also from Delhi and coming from a events background I know what it takes to put a symposium like this together. Sadly on those dates I will not be in Delhi, but I wish you the very best and all the good luck for a successful show and hope you rock. All the very best!

Delna B.

Hello! I cannot tell you how happy I am to have learnt about this Summit. This is OUR summit- thank you! My question: I will be out of India in October. Would you suggest a way that I can still be involved if I am not able to be physically present? Is online streaming an option? I look forward to hearing from you. Again- THANK YOU! Cheers

Manuj Kathuria

The only thing I regret is that I could not make to for the earlier days and sessions. Very well done Divya and Mudita. Congratulations on a successful Summit. As Ashwin pointed out, there was lots of positive intent and energy. I am sure next year will be an even greater success

Madhavi Bhalla

Was such a pleasure to attend. So glad you guys put this together. Kudos to you all. See you soon and looking forward to the 2nd one

Ashwin Mohan

I've never seen so much positive intent gathered in one place. Truly amazing work. Congratulations and gratitude to Divya and you and everyone else who contributed


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