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Day 01: September 18 

DAY 01, 03:00 PM


DAY MON 01, 03:30 PM

The Vagina Monologues

The Vagina Monologues written by Eve Ensler, produced and directed by Mahabanoo Kotwal and Kaizaad Navroze Kotwal. The play has performed in: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkotta, Hyderabad, Pune,  Bhubhaneshwar, and Colombo in Sri Lanka.

This play needs no further introduction.


There will be an interactive discussion after the performance, with the cast and director about the theme and choices in the play.

DAY 01, 05:00 PM

Defeating Rape Culture

Any culture is supported directly or indirectly by the behavior of the people.


If our speech and actions contribute to and define culture, then does rape culture exist independent of us? Or are we actively contributing? Don't let this question hover on your mind. All concerned citizens are urged to attend this session and discover what really supports rape culture, and how to topple it.


Ashwin Mohan has been training in martial arts for 32 years and holds 6 back belts and teacher’s certifications in over 24 other martial arts. He is the only teacher in the world to have taught over 5.5 million students self - defense and whose expertise is in eliminating all forms of stress and violence.

Day 01, 06:00 PM

Tea Break

Day 01, 06:30 PM

Through the Looking Glass - Do you think I'm pretty?

Aditi Mittal will open with a 10 minute stand up comedy session

Moderated by Revati Laul

Speakers: , Mrinalini Chawla, Sonia Pardesi,

Aditi Mittal


How many times do you find yourself gauging how you look through others eyes? Is someone's opinion of you more important than your own? When you get dressed in the morning how much of it is about how you will be perceived by your spouse, friend or co-worker? 


This mindset creates unnecessary stress. Learning to feel good about who you are and letting the choices you make, come from your own desires rather than a fear of what someone else will think, is the ultimate form of freedom. In this session, we will look at what leads us to hand our power away like this and what we can do to take it back.

Day 01, 07:30 PM

Women Of Wisdom Circle

Tara Singh Vachani will be in conversation with  Naina Lal Kidwai.

Divya Chandra will be getting some insights from Feroze Gujral.


In many cultures women are revered for the depth of their wisdom – it is full, expansive and rich with insight and guidance. 

This year we introduce our annual round table where we tap into the wisdom of some of our favorite WOWs!


 Don't miss this session, you are sure to walk away WOWd!

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