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We hope that by 2025 Delhi stops being known as the " Rape Capital" of the country but instead becomes the place where the women in the NCR are leaders in their own lives so that they can help create that level of safety and security in society.

Why now?

On the night of 16th December 2012, a 23-year-old woman and her friend boarded a public bus in Delhi.


What followed has changed our lives forever. Anointed 'Nirbhaya' by the national press (which means “fearless” ), Jyoti Singh Pandey's brutal gang rape and subsequent death, broke through the barriers of defence against the staggering sexual violence statistics growing around India. As this young woman's fate touched countless lives, an appropriate level of righteous rage suddenly manifested on our streets and caught the attention of the world and kicked us out of our inertia. It has forced us to address the appalling state of affairs for women in our country . It has brought  glaringly into light, the lack of safety, protection and power we women have in the capital actually have.


More than a year after the incident nothing has changed and we are still grappling with the lack of safety and  security on our streets, at our workplaces and in our homes. We are tired of waiting for someone else to do something and have created this forum to help create a better foundation for all of us.


Knowledge is power, action based on empowered  knowledge is doubly so. Our aim is that by 2020 Delhi stops being know as the "rape capital" of the country and instead becomes known as the city where women are at the leading edge of their own lives. By taking charge of their finances, knowing their rights and fulfilling their potential they will be able to create more safety not just for themselves but for their daughters, sisters and mothers as well. It is our hope us to become that kind of society where "women stand up for women " and no heinous crimes or any kind of abuse towards women is tolerated.


What will the Summit do?

This event gathers together in one place, the only people who can affect change in our country.


YOU and those professionals who are already trailblazers in the fields of finance, law, leadership, education, rights & personal transformation.Who have through their own experience gathered tools, techniques & skills to make a mark in their spheres of influence and are here to share them with YOU. 


The summit will offer practical tools and solutions through interactive discussions and experiential workshops to women and men who are eager to acquire knowledge, skills and tools to better manage their abilities and resources.


The summit will create a community of change makers who by acquiring practical techniques & skills will further start a chain reaction for women in their communities to be able to take a stand be it financially, emotionally or physically

For full schedule of sessions please go to the schedule page and do join our group on Facebook for great resources, articles, insight and  interactive discussions.

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