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"You are what you do, not what you say you'll do"

        - C G Jung


We believe that The Women of India Leadership Summit is more than just a once a year event. It is a people’s movement that is ongoing and evolving.


With that goal in mind we urge you to continue to take action towards creating your own safety and freedom and investing in yourself even after our meeting in September.

Start Your Own Circle

Is there a subject you feel particularly challenged by? Like money and the stock market? Get a bunch of like minded friends together, set a time to meet once or twice monthly  and share your experiences and bring in an expert or 2.


If you need recommendations of experts in the field, we are happy to connect you with them.

Spread The Love

Is there a subject from our sessions that really had your attention and you would like to  Re-create it at a college or women’s group or your company. Write to us and we will figure out how to get it there.


Was there a workshop you really liked but could not make it to?


Is there topic you wanted to work in more depth?


Write to us and we can see how to bring it to you .

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