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Challenges for Indian Women

What if you lived in the largest democracy in the world but that democracy does not support or protect you?


How would you plan for your future, if you worked really hard at your job, but cannot manage your own money?


What would you do, if you coudn't inherit the home of your childhood but your brothers would?


What would you do if you were married for 20 years to someone who would not share a bank account or any assets with you?


What would you do, if you were groped by your boss, molested by your uncle or raped by your neighbour and the police were unwilling to register your complaint?


What would you do if your marriage fell apart and you had no claim to the home you so loving built and maintained?


Points they ponder
Reality Check

In 2012, women occupied only 8 out of 74 ministerial positions in the Union council of ministers. There were only 2 women judges out of 26 judges in the Supreme Court, and there were only 54 women judges out of 634 judges in various high courts.


A report on "Men and Women in India 2012" brought out by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation says that 46% of women are not involved in any kind of decision making. Around 40% women have no access to money.


A recent Time magazine article cited a recent study that shows that Indian women are the most stressed women in the world. "The results of the polls showed that an astounding 87% of Indian women claim feeling stressed most of the time, with an additional 82% asserting they had insufficient time to relax."


Did you know that of the 497 million women in India, only 9% will inherit family property? Even though the law decrees that women have equal rights.


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