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Day 03: September 20 

DAY 03, 11:00 AM


DAY 03, 12:00 PM

Re Imaging Loneliness - Cultivating Independence

Special session for senior citizens and the un-attached

Moderated by Aanchal Gulati Nath

Speakers are Poonam Bhagat, Mrinalini Chawla, Dr Uma Chakravarti, Shailija Kejriwal


The rising statistics of depression and dependency on food, drugs & alcohol and social networking sites as coping mechanisms point to a deep inner emptiness in urban India today. India's face is changing. Where joint families and a patriarchal structure in which only the men handled affairs and made decision is shifting for many. Many of us are choosing to marry later in to their 30s or older. What are the mind sets and habits we need to change in this new age of nuclear families and single living to be effective and feel complete in and of ourselves.

DAY 03, 12:45 PM

Passion in Action

Passion in action is contagious.

In between sessions we're giving a handful of passionate women the opportunity to share their passions, because we LOVE passion in action!

Day 03, 01:00 PM

Creating Security – How Much Are You Worth?

Learning to Invest In yourself - The Best Investment You Can Make

Moderated By Divya Chandra

Speakers : Monika Halan, Bindu Sethi, Tara Singh Vachani, Sarika Bhattacharyya and Shailija Kejriwal 


Money management as an act of self- care!

Shoes, clothes, accessories, latest gadgets, restaurant meals... 

we spend, spend, spend; but how much do we spend with a mind to caring for ourselves?


Money is a resource, but often we are unconscious to using it as such.

Even if the shoes are a must that feeds your soul, it's important to recognize and acknowledge that it is important to invest in ourselves, to do it with awareness and without apology.


In this round table session we will check in with women from different walks of life to see how they invest in themselves.

You'll gather insight into the empowerment that comes from this and inspiration to start your own self-investment account!

Day 03, 01:45 PM

Lunch Break

Day 03, 02:45 PM

To be ... Love

Performance with Mandakini Goswami and Dilip Shankar 

Day 03, 03:45 PM

Getting Closer- Intimacy- A Workshop with Divya Chandra

What is intimacy and what lends to it?


Often times when we think of intimacy we think of sexual interaction, but intimacy is so much more than that. A lack of intimacy can be disruptive not only in a romantic equation but in friendships, family and professional relationships. In this session we will explore the word itself and basically recreate our relationship with the word itself. By then end, you'll be seeing 'intimacy' in a completely different light. A great experiential session to attend with your significant other, partner at work or a family member that you would like to have a deeper connection with.

Day 03, 04:30 PM

Be That Guy - Re-Defining Masculinity in 2014

Moderated by : Samit Tandon, Kaizaad Kotwal, Veer Singh, Anand Narsimhan, Oroon Das


Macho, mama’s boy, metro-sexual  …


These are some of the labels we attribute to men in the 21st century.If modern Indian cinema is to be believed, the ideal man must be strong, powerful, possessive, and ever ready to pick a fight! But there is another man.


The ‘modern’ man who has adopted a different role in today’s changing landscape. There is great need in our psyche to make room for the empowered modern woman who has stepped out of the confines of traditional roles to be an equal partner on the playing field. But in the same spirit of equality; is there not a similar need to make room for this empowered modern man who chooses to embrace his natural human sensitivity and vulnerabilities?


Come join in the conversation with our favorite men panelists as they break myths and pave the way for the new guy.

Day 03

Emotional Creature

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