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Stand Up With Us


Are you already actively supporting women’s initiatives inthe country or looking to do so?

If so we’re looking to collaborate  or partner with you!

We’ve still got some more room though, so if you feel moved to participate, we’ve love to hear from you and your  organization.

Do drop us a line on

Vana Retreats

Vana, Malsi Estate endeavours to become the most iconic wellness retreat in the world. Located in Dehradun, India, nestled within 21 acres of mango & lychee orchards, surrounded by Sal forest with views of the lower Himalayan foothills, the retreat brings together a wellness offering that is highly comprehensive, authentic, sincere and complemented with the best of hospitality


The Carpet Cellar

 The Carpet Cellar is considered a Mecca for certified antique carpets, perfectly executed recreations, modern designs, as well as kilims, durries, shawls and textiles.

The Carpet Cellar houses a range of hand woven and hand knotted masterpieces, carefully selected by Mr. Chandra for their uniqueness and brilliance over the past four decades.

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