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         Our Logo - The Green Tara


Many people have asked us about our logo and what is the symbolism behind it, so here it is:


The Green Tara is the Buddhist Goddess of compassion in action, which means her compassion is not passive but action oriented.


The Alchi Green Tara has been the emblem for our company BooGio11 Productions.


This image has been specially devised by Divya Chandra and designed & illustrated by Artist extraordinaire Fiza Khan for the Summit, keeping in mind the aim of the event. 


  • The Elephant symbolizes strength

  • The Lion courage

  • The Rose is for self- love,

  • The pot of Gold is abundance and represents the potential that within each human being 

  • The Scroll is wisdom & knowledge

  • The Kuber mudra in her hand symbolizes our own ability to manifest what we want

  • The sun and moon symbolize the balancing of masculine and feminine


   • The Lotus she sits on represents the simultaneity of the ultimate Law of the Universe, the law of cause and effect.


This image is a mantra that encapsulates all that we hope to create for ourselves and our participants.


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