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Divya Chandra


Divya Chandra is an actor/writer/director and the Director of BooGio11 Productions and the founder of The Women Of India Leadership Summit. Her explorations have led her to the stage, voice work, theater movement and imago work. As an actor, Divya has been committed to working on projects that break certified notions of glam and affectation prefixed with the profession, framing new foundations of transformative-mission oriented art.


BooGio11 Productions

As a writer & director she aims to create work that transcends cultural confines in story-telling, co- creating opportunities for like-minded artists to explore and re-define ‘performance’ as a movement for self-discovery & empowerment. More recently her focus has shifted to re- examining cultural narratives that have shaped & limited our sense of self & defined the roles we have been conditioned to play. 

Her goal has been to spread awareness about our relationship to the environment, responsible advertising & the changing role of women in the shifting paradigm of gender dynamics.


Divya has worked on several Indian and international projects, collaborating with writers, directors and artists to create conscientious work escalating both the ‘self’ and societal awareness.


Working with people from all ages and backgrounds, through her workshops she facilitates a more conscious connection with the self and helps participants tap and explore their aspirations and potential. The Women of India Leadership Summit is her initiative and BooGio 11 Productions is the founding force behind this landmark event.


Divya works out of New Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, London and New York.

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