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Monika Halan


Monika Halan is Editor Mint Money, and part of the leadership team at Mint, India’s second largest business newspaper.


A Certified Financial Planner, she has a Masters in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics.A second Masters in Journalism Studies from College of Cardiff, University of Wales, UK.

She has worked earlier in Business Today, The Economic Times, The Indian Express, edited Outlook Money, worked with the Government of India as an advisor to the Swarup Committee in 2009 and is the Yale World Fellow from India for 2011.


She is also a member of the Sebi Mutual Fund Committee and on the Board of Directors of the Financial Planning Standards Board India. Monika has run three successful TV series around personal finance advice and Let’s Talk Money on NDTV 24/7 and Profit was the longest running and most successful. Her latest show Smart Money runs on Bloomberg India. She is based in New Delhi

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