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Mudita Chandra


Mudita Chandra is the founding partner of BooGio11 Productions and co creator of The Women of India Leadership Summit.


She also runs the Sai Ashram Animal Shelter, which rescues and rehabilitates abandoned and injured dogs from the streets of Delhi. The Ashram is run on donations and at this moment houses 350 dogs, 2 pigs and a donkey.


In her day job she moonlights as the Global head of PR and Advertising for The Carpet Cellar  and on the weekends she is in training to counsel young girls in a well established college for girls in South Delhi.

MC as she is fondly known, is a Jill of all trades, assiduously juggling her creative pursuits with her mission to help those most in need.


Her work has been covered in newspapers like the Indian Express, Hindustan Times and also been covered several times by NDTV ‘s show Heavy Petting and other local TV channels.




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