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Rukhmani Chawla Kumar


Rukhmini Chawla Kumar is a commissioning editor with HarperCollins India.


She is also a writer, reader and book club facilitator. Actually, in whatever ways she can find to be crazy about the written word, she is.


She is the author of Apostle of Love: A Life of Mother Teresa (Penguin).


Rukmini spent several years publishing a magazine called The Dance of Life. Its vision was (and still is) the empowerment of the self, using universal concepts, skills and tools to create change in the self.


Rukmini is the mother of a seven-year-old who is a combination of an old soul, a sweet little girl and a teenaged rebel. As a result, Rukmini finds herself often frantically thinking on her feet, trying to parent consciously, not try 'too hard' and respond with unconditional love.


Rukmini practices energy healing and is also a certified Reiki Master.


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